Lindsay Schoolcraft's Debut Solo Album out October 7th 2019!  


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At last! The debut solo album from Lindsay Schoolcraft is finally upon us! And it was co-written with no other than Rocky Gray! (ex-Evanescence drummer, We Are The Fallen) Click the green button above so you'll be the first to know when you can own this debut Gothic Rock release!  

This album tells the tale of finding beauty in are darkness with Lindsay Schoolcraft on lead vocals, piano, and harp. Rocky Gray lends his signature sound on guitar, bass, and drums and together they combined their composing efforts to create ethereal atmospheres with their hard rock and nu-metal influences. Gutteral vocalist Xenoyr of Ne Obliviscaris joins them on the track "See The Light" and filmscore composer Spencer Creaghan added the Symphonic element.  

After years of crafting this full length release, Lindsay and Rocky bring you a total of 11 atmospheric rock songs. If this is something you've been waiting for, click the green button above to get notified on when its available!